July 3, 2016

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get link Mdawi is a small village on the lower slopes of Kilimanjaro with about 4000 inhabitants. There is a small dispensary that delivers antenatal and labour care. About one hundred women attend antenatal clinic yearly and this leads to about 30 uncomplicated deliveries in the dispensary. Others are referred to more specialized hospitals.

Labour ward in Mdawi Dispensary

get link Labour ward in Mdawi Dispensary

Together with the Women & Youth Careline Foundation in Tanzania and the Children of Kilimanjaro Foundation in the Netherlands we have developed a project to assist pregnant women in Mdawi. The goal of this project is to educate pregnant women on healthy living, danger signs and remind them about clinic visits through weekly SMS messages. In addition, this will be supported by some improvement of antenatal and labour care at the dispensary in Mdawi through buying necessary equipment and by building a simple system to store water including a SIM-tank and rainwater catchment. This project is funded by private donors and by Wilde Ganzen from the Netherlands.'A=0 Remind Pilot-study

The physician explains about SMS to pregnant women

go to site The physician explains about SMS to pregnant women follow  

country lovers dating site HIV positive pregnant women have to take antiretroviral treatment to prevent transmission of HIV to their baby.
Taking medication daily and on time is very important, but many reasons may be existing not to take medication (on time). One important reason is forgetting. In this pilot-study, we wish to develop and test a new SMS system that helps to remind pregnant women to take their medication. They will receive messages throughout the week to remind taking medication. This study is done in collaboration with the Kilimanjaro Clinical Research Institute and funded by Fondation Merieux.